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kevin9's Garage


2009-06-10 08:53:40
The 2005 Toyota Prius: Love it!   . . . . .   
What can I say? I love this car. Okay, it's no sport car but it is unbelievably peppy. I've only had the car a couple
of years but so far it's been nothing but a pleasure to drive and easy to maintain. And, hey, it eases any guilt I
might have about not always being as "green" as I should be. Plus... terrific mileage. And with today's gas prices...
that should be a big motivator.

Questions & Answers

A: What bike racks are available for the car??

I wound up having a trailer hitch installed and buying a four bike rack that attaches to the hitch. It's been working out very well. My local bike shop sold me the rack and put me in touch with the shop that installed the hitch.