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kls's Garage

1971 Plymouth Duster Coupe 340 Base

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: brakes pull to one side?

When i apply my brakes, they grab hard on one side trying to throw you into the ditch. It seems to be the front passenger brake. I heard this is a common problem with these cars, any ideas on how to correct this problem ? Thank you for any thoughts ks

Mechanic Q: brakes pulling to one side?

When i apply the brakes, the car jumps to the pass.side very hard, it almost throws you into the side ditch, I heard this is common with this car. any ideas how to correct ths problem ?( It seems to be grabing the front brake)

A: brakes pull to one side?

Thank you for your reply, the caliper is new, along with new brakes,someone said somthing about a valve being bad (not sure what its called) this valve regulates the flow of fluid to each wheel, ever heard of this? any feed back would be great!! thanks ks