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kurt6583's Garage

1985 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe Base

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Not getting fuel?

This car has not been started in 5 years. Replaced fuel filter. Will start with starter fluid, but will not run. Hoping it is not the fuel pump. Everything worked and was cherry when stored. Now radio not coming on, electric seats not working. checked fuses in main fuse box. Am I missing some other place to check electrical. Hoping I am missing something electrical that would solve all. It is DFI not carb. Is there possibly a fuse for the fuel injectors. Am leaning towards electrical, with not getting fuel, radio, seats not working. Any advice would be appreciated. Kurt

A: Not getting fuel?

I am not sure where the fuel pump relay is. I thought it was in the trunk. I see a wiring harness but no reset button. It is not making any noise when i turn the key to on.. Also what might be the easist way to check and see if it is receiving power.