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laverned's Garage

2001 Chevrolet Impala LS 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

A: dash lights intermittent?

Thanks for your reply.

Mechanic Q: dash lights intermittent?

My dash lights sometimes work & sometimes don't. The problem has gotten worse in the last month. They were coming on in the daytime and not at night. Now they dome on once in a while in daylight and never at night. I have shone a flashlight on the sensor in the defroster and it has no effect. I was going to change the headlight switch but don't know how to get to it. Thanks

Q: accessing headlight switch ?

wondering how to gain access to the headlight switch to change it. Do you have to remove the dash?

Q: how to remove the center console?

I need to remove the center console on my 2001 Impala so that I can replace or repair the cigarette lighter. Thanks for any help,