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1988 Dodge Ram 250 Custom Reg Cab

Questions & Answers

Q: Which 360 engines are interchangable??

I have a 1992 5.9 L that I am attempting to put into an 1988 truck, I bought the engine used from a wrecking yard. According to the interchange book the only modification neccessary is to change the intake manifold. ( I have found out this is not true) The seller said my old manifold would bolt right up. It does not. It seems the newer one is taller. Is this due to different heads or are there multiple intakes available. Is there a 4 barrell available for the .92 yr. engine. The new engine has throttle body injection and the old one has a 4 barrel. Would I be better off money-wise and sanity wise to change the wiring and find a computer or try to find a manifold to fit the taller heads and continue with the 4 b? If you know can you stear me towards the right parts and what the most practical would require.

Mechanic Q: Do I have to have a machine shop replace the king pin bushings??

I'm working ion a 1970 Ford Pick-up with a friend. We have determined that the king pins need to be replaced. Do I have to take the spindles into a machine shop to have them sized to the new bushings or will the replacement kit have bushings presized? I believe I have the neccessary tools to press the bushings in but don't think I have the tools to size them. What would the tolerances be do you know?