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2000 Pontiac Montana Base 4dr Ext WB

Questions & Answers

A: my electric window wont go back up how do i fix this?

mine did this also i order the switch and took the old switch out and pluged the new one one it was really simple and on that site it also give you the direction how to do it

Mechanic Q: roar loud sound?

when i drive at low rpm it is fine but when the rpms are higher the wheels make a loud roaring sound is this my tire it sound like it coming from the front passenger tire

Mechanic Q: van falling dead?

took van to shop they said they put it on a computer and it showed the fuel pump need to be replaced that was done so was the fuel regulator no vacum lines are leaking but the van still falls dead what else could it be

Mechanic Q: van in distress?

van keep falling dead had new fuel pump put on no vacum leaks had been put on computer dont know what else it could be

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