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lilred's Garage

1992 Nissan Sentra E 2dr Sedan 4-Spd


2009-03-12 04:27:03
Kia Rio horrible vehicles   . . . . .   
This Car Just really sucks it's always braking down. Alternator when out on me while i was driving no warning , One
night it was Raining and i was driving and it broke down did not wont to stay running. Then i got a jump and it started
running so was trying to make it home and the damn thing every time i accelerated the rpm decelerated it's was weird no
one could figure out what had happen it was not drivable you couldn't make it down the road without it dying and my dad
put gas treatment in it to see if that would help and it didn't.Everyday for bout a month just would let it run a my dad
stopped trying. then one day went outside 3 and 1/2 weeks later and tried.. It started running again but the engine
light was on then all of a sudden it went away and was drivable again but once again its not wanting to running again
and it's a pain in thee butt!!!! worst car ever

Questions & Answers

Q: pan oil leak.... Maybe.. not engine locked up? hope not ?

i went over a speed bump and got a hole in my oil pan, and didn't realize til oil light came on about 5 mins down the road and pulled over looked under the car didn't see anything i was on my home maybe mile and 1/2 down the road from where i hit the speed bump...then started driving it home and it died!! it would turn over last nite so.... i didn't think the motor lock up..and also had power too..lights, Radio, etc: We pushed it home and this morning i woke up and it wouldn't turn over or jump off!!!