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2001 Cadillac DeVille DTS 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

A: my car reads check gas cap and i change it to a new one ?

Take it in to Orielly's, Advanced Auto, or Autozone and have them hook the code reader up and "Clear" the code. "Cross your fingers"

Q: Only Idle's rough, runs great otherwise?

Could it be as simple as the fuel filter? It did have a distinct Miss when i bought it, then the lucas tune up in a bottle, then the Techtron fuel cleaner, now she runs rough all the time idling instead of the Miss. Please help before the shop starts a $300 tune up? Can this be right?

Mechanic Q: Pulls Right, all the while?

Starts, Runs as usual. Looking at the car from the front the camber and etc. look straight on front alignment. When driving though, car pulls relatively hard to the Left, countering the steering wheel to compensate and when braking even pulls harder. Any Ideas of the problem besides the obvious alignment?

Q: ONLY at IDLE it's running a little rough?

I bought this Blazer(4.3L Vortec V6 110Kmiles and has been tuned , serviced regularly, NEW Rebuilt$2800 Tranny from AAMCO, New A/C compressor, New set COOPER Tires Loaded w/leather, new exaust and CatConverter,about a month ago. At that time it had a serious MISS, here and there but idled fine other than that. I poured in the Lucas,"tune up in a bottle" that I have used for years and it took the obvious MISS out, but it ran a little rough still so I poured in the "Techtron" black bottle, expensive injector cleaner and it ran a little smoother now, The tach stays at 780 steady, it just idles a little off,consistently rough. I pulled the intake hose off and carb cleaned it, then pulled the Pvc and it rattles,good, then pulled the Idle air control valve and it was Crusty and dirty so I cleaned up and reinstalled. Still idles rough! I brought it to aamco and the trouble code reader plug would not communicate with the Snapon code scanner they had, I looked at the fuel filter date it is 2 .9 years old. could that be it, any other suggestions?? I don't want to pay some shop to poke around with it and Charge me $400 when I truelly believe it's something as simple as turning the distributor 5 degrees. Ya Know??