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madelon_obidw's Garage

2006 Scion xB Base 5dr Wagon Manual (GS)


2016-04-14 12:47:50
My initial problem was promptl   . . . . .   
My initial problem was promptly repaired. The Service person gave me a good assessment of the other issues they saw
with my car so I could decide what other repairs were needed.Everyone was helpful and polite. I will be back.

2015-11-08 15:43:17
I drive clear across town to g   . . . . .   
I drive clear across town to get our cars serviced at DARCARS and I continue to do so. DARCARS did a wonderful job of
checking us in, discovering the problem with the exhaust system, determining that our warrantee covered the issue and
getting it fixed in less time than they predicted. This is typical of the great service we have gotten at DARCARS over
years. My only issue is that we had the car in about 6 weeks earlier for other service and asked them to check the
exhaust because we were smelling exhaust occasionally in the car. The inspection came back "no problem". Since the
problem turned out to be deterioration of some bolts it's hard to understand how the problem wasn't there earlier.
My suggestion to DARCARS is to slow down and take a little more time on customer-requested the visual inspections.
But everyone is entitled to an occasional bad day. Madelon

2013-03-28 13:40:05
My recent service was exceptio   . . . . .   
My recent service was exceptional. Your staff bent over backwards to understand my concerns about my car, research the
history of my car, provide what service was need and to not provide what I didn't need. My service advisor was Edbyn
Lopez. I received a detailed estimate of the things that my car needed. He found the recall notice that allowed the
repair of my Sienna sliding door, didn't install a new timing belt when it became clear that it had already been done,
researched where and when it had been done, made arrangements to extend my car rental when it took another day to finish
the repair. I am confident that your group is truly interested in providing exceptional service for the person rather
than pushing the work in and out the door. The only way to get this sort of culture is through a people orientation and
great team work. Your mechanic had to care enough to tell Mr. Lopez that the timing belt looked like it had been
replaced. Mr. Lopez had to care enough to spend time hunting for the service record at another dealer. Mr. Lopez then
had to care enough for forgo doing work that I expected to pay for. This is something that doesn't happen many other
places and is the reason I will be back for service and to buy another Toyota when it's time for my teens to begin
driving – Sign me a Toyota Loyalist now driving my 5th Toyota, Thanks again, Madelon Halula

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A: Any concerns about used Sienna (model years 2005- 2007)??

My only complaint so far is a little thing- the rear hatch door doesn't go up all the way in the very cold weather. If you aren't paying attention, you can really whack your head. Otherwise- I love my mini van