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2009 Honda Pilot EX FWD 4dr

Questions & Answers

A:  Could the bad gas been the start of an engine problem??

Codes are P0304, P0305, P0306 3,000 miles after changing our oil it was down 3 quarts.Street where we park it is clean of oil stains, so it is burning, not leaking. Mechanic here wants to pull the engine. Is that necessary to check the oxygen sensors? What should I do?

Mechanic Q:  Could the bad gas been the start of an engine problem??

What could be the cause of our 2009 Honda Pilot getting poor gas milage--12.9/gallon; the engine light is always on, sometimes blinking, usually all the panel lights are on until the car has been driven for awhile and restart; the diagnostic tests states that three of the cylinders aren't working; at times it chugs, runs roughly. We are US Diplomats living in Ukraine. We had it shipped shortly after purchasing. This is an American specs Honda, we bought in the Washington DC area. We drove it three months before leaving DC with no problems. It drove fine here far a few weeks, then after filling with gas, this all started. It has been tested twice by diagnostic, once at the Honda dealer here in Kiev. They do not believe the results. Their response has been to flush the gas tank, cleaned the fuel injectors, reset the engine light and change the oil. We only put premium gas into the tank now, and go to stations we think we can trust. Could the bad gas been the start of the problem? Could it have to do with the variable cylinders function? Is there any thing we can do to correct this short of replacing the engine? Our warranty is not valid here.

A:  Could the bad gas been the start of an engine problem??

RonW Thank you. Let's hope the motor does not have mechanical issues. I will look into ordering this code reader.

A:  Could the bad gas been the start of an engine problem??

Ron, Thank you. We have done all that. We did it right away. Now our engine light remains on, and our gas mileage low. I can not read the diagnostic printout as it is Ukrainian. But was told it said the engine was running only on three cylinders. Next to the listing Diagnostic is PGM-Fi D3-B13-7820, and below in the written explanation is listed many times DT3. Do either of these help? I am willing to accept that the cylinders need help, but the mechanics do not seem to know the solution. It has been mentioned to me that it could be some air in take filters?