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mark15's Garage


2009-06-10 07:56:10
Not bad for 150,000 miles.   . . . . .   
Ok, 97 with so far, 150,000 miles on it. Original engine 3.5, original transmission Auto-stick. Changed the oil and
filter every 3000 miles. New timing belt at 100,000 miles made a huge difference. Brakes are pretty lousy and need
replacing too often, esp front brakes. Suspension is terrible with too many repairs needing to be done. Engine to cradle
bushing have just about evaporated! Rear struts are next to impossible to change out as they used soft bolts and they
will snap the heads off! Interior isn't bad. A/C is very unreliable! Heat is very good. Seats are comfortable and hold
up well. Gas mileage is surprisingly good at about 25 mpg.