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marks0562's Garage

2008 Honda Fit Base 5dr HB Man

Questions & Answers

Q: valve noise?

I own a 2008 honda fit the valves are tappy at low rpm's when shifting. do they need adjusting or is it normal for this engine?The dealer doesn't seem to know about any maintenance or not for the valves. A loaner car that was newer sounded louder than mine though. Thank-you Mark

Mechanic Q: brake noise?

took apart front brakes to measure pads and clean caliper slide rails @58k.Have 6mm left everything looked good but had hard time getting pads out. now after driving awhile they squeal at the point of stopping and for several rotations when starting up again.Like their not releasing all the way but not all the time. Thanks.Mark

Mechanic Q: jeep check engine?

My son's cherokee started stalling at lights and the check engine light came on. It has 108,000k on it. Don't remember if there's a gas filter,changed pluga around 90k. Thanks Mark0562

Mechanic Q: 2000 jeep cherokee sport?

Can someone help me with my son's jeep? The engine light is on, it stalled out at a light and it is bucking while driving. Does it have a gas filter? it has 108,000miles and i put new plugs in at 90k Thanks, Mark

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