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2004 Buick Regal LS 4dr Sedan


2008-09-01 21:23:48
2007 Honda Accord Sedan LX   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
This little 4 cylinder 2007 Accord Sedan is the best car that I have ever owned as far as gas mileage, dependability,
and power. It does not feel like a four cylinder but like an eight cylinder. The car is truly amazing! I had always
heard the rumor that the Japanese were far advanced in the automotive field and I can see that this is true from my own
experience. I can personally say that the Japanese have outdone Americans on their cars. When you look under the hood of
the car you can see the care that was put into this automobile. I have never owned a car that did not have a power
steering malfunction that could be fixed with ease or without future problems. The Japanese have realized that power
steering is not necessary but that having just a little steering boost is sufficient...I like the way my car handles on
the road. I would much rather have a little harder steering and never have problems than power steering that has
problems. I had always wanted Americans to go back to the old manual steering but Honda has devoloped a much better
solution and it works well. I am a very happy owner of a 2007 Honda Accord Sedan LX Model. PC USA

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I turn off the "change engine oil soon" light??

I bought this car used a few months ago and have changed the oil already quite a few times, but the light to change the oil came on just recently and I don't have a manual that came with the car so I can't look at the car manual... can anyone help me with my question?

A: My maintenance light just went on, would you recommend I take my car to the dealer or to a local ser?

When the maintenance light goes off you should take it to the dealer for service because the car has a built in computer and it tells the certified techs what it needs. Oil changes and filter changes at the Honda Dealership is actually less expensive than quick oil change places that are not trained how to treat your Honda.