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Questions & Answers

A: There is a knocking noise (audible when engine idling)?

I recommend that you check your transmission fluid level and the transmission vacuum module.

A: Need help with my 2001 Suzuki Swift. Sometimes the car will?

the fuel pump could cause that but before you go and buy a new one I would take a look at your fuel pump relay. when was the last time you replace your fuel filter?

A: Honda Pilot Service Codes?

The code B 16 means that you need and oil and filter, tire rotation & VTM (4wd) differential fluid replacement "A" indicates the need for an oil and filter change only "B" indicates the oil and filter and the periodic safety, mechanical and emissions systems inspections. The number that follows either letter indicate the need for additional maintenance services: 1 = tire rotation (i.e., a B1 is an oil and filter change with a tire rotation) 2= air filter replacement 3= transmission oil replacement 4= spark plug replacement, valve adjustment and timing belt replacement 5= coolant replacement 6= VTM (4wd) differential fluid replacement


If the engine is turning over but not starting up check the ignition system for spark and make sure the injectors are firing and the fuel pressure.

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