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2009 Lexus IS 350 Base 4dr Sport Sedan Auto

Questions & Answers

A: Pull to left ?

Update 10/22/09 I test drove my car with a Lexus Tech. and he said car is fine and it normal for car to pull to left. I told him hes out of his mind!!! So second Lexus dealer told me they would check it over and all they did do another alignment test ( the 4th one in last 3 weeks) came back OK, and test drove car without me and again they said they find nothing wrong. BTW car was there 6 days and thats all they did in six days....NO inspection of brakes, electric steering, steering components (bend or worn parts), and didnt plug it into master computer they have over there to see if it would throw a code!!. I now have to file complaint with dealer GM, Lexus corporation, BBB, and bureau of automotive repair due to not wanting to wk on my car anymore.

Mechanic Q: Pull to left ? car pulls to left at freeway speeds but only when its hot...not pull first thing in morning. My car has 10k miles on it and never has been driven my any one but me, no curbs or big pot holes have been hit. First Lexus dealer diagnosed it with a tire pull and replaced tires. They also state they checked brakes, alignment 2 times, and checked electric steering. Left that dealer and once car got hot a hard pull to the left. I say hard...yes will changes lanes to left by itself. Tires on car are now 1 week old and front left is now showing uneven wear on outside of tire...other tires are not showing any wear. Can you help me with this...thanks Dan