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mewesball's Garage

1999 Pontiac Bonneville SE 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

A: electric seat keeps sinking ?

Good idia, for there is actually just two positions that keep loosing position. (up.,,,down n whole seat tilt forward n back. If the motors are all the same,,,maybe I'll just switch motors that are not used. What ya think? Thanks again!

Mechanic Q: electric seat keeps sinking ?

after about 10 minuets of driving seat slowly sinks down and has to be reset into position. 10 minuets later, I reset again. And on and on.

A: electric seat keeps sinking ?

Doe's this mean there is only one motor for all postions? If so,,,this woud make it much easyer to replace, rather than differant motors for each position,,,IE up-down,,,forward-back....tilt ect. Thanks!!!!

Q: Gas mileage on my SSEI Supercharged?

Will I get less or more MPG with this supercharged engine?