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michealm's Garage

1991 Mazda Navajo Base 2D Hardtop 4X4

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Rear Anti-Lock Brake Light Always On?

Ive checked my brake fluid, its full. The vehicle stops with no issues even @ high speed, but the light stays on, and goes off occasionally.

A: Keep Frying Solenoids?

ok new issue, van is dying, have to jump it. after its running and idle, and i hit the gas all lights get brighter, and after the gas is let up on, they dim, and the engine starts sputtering until i hit the gas.

Mechanic Q: Keep Frying Solenoids?

I have replaced now 3 solenoids, after about a maximum of 1 week the solenoid goes bad, and the starter just constantly runs, causing me to disconnect the battery. What could be causing the solenoids to do this?

A: Keep Frying Solenoids?

i replaced both battery cable because when i noticed them they were the original factory installed cables, i couldn't put the negative back where it went originally, so i feed it through into the "dog house" and bolted it to the transmission bell housing seems to be doing ok now. *Cross Fingers*

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