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2000 Nissan Xterra SE 4dr XE 4WD V6 Manual

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Mechanic Q: Belt replacement?

Hi - When I came in for service in September there were a number of services that were recommended for my car in the next 6 months. The most strongly recommended was a belt replacement that was difficult to access and would cost ~$1K. I was wondering what of the other recommended service items should be done at the same time, given their location in the engine. If there are a couple difficult-to-access things that need repair, I'd rather knock those out at the same time to save on labor costs. If you could let me know which services you recommend I group together next and what that would cost, I'd appreciate it. That will help me budget and plan when to bring her in. Thank you, Michelle Lally Daftari (fyi - my service records could be under Michelle Lally or Michelle Daftari)