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mike3669's Garage

2001 Cadillac Eldorado Touring ETC 2dr Touring Coupe ETC

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: radiator/enginecooling fans?

how do i find out how much and where to take my cadillac eldorado etc to have the fans checked and replaced if needed,i have a problem with the temp. gauge showing a quick rise within 5 minutes of starting ,after a few miles of stop and go the temp gauge moves a digit right of center it never gets to tge red area ,but the ac willl blow warm until i get rolling again ,do you have any suggestions what i should have checked ,also it does not ever show low on antifreeze,,also what is the appx temp. when the gauge is dead center and what is the number for each digit when it heads towards the red area thank you mike marra

Mechanic Q: mytiltwheel?

mytiltwheel does not stay locked in place is this a hazard ?

Q: my tilt wheel?

my tilt wheel does not lock ,it moves after adjustment ?