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mikem8811's Garage

2003 Acura MDX Base 4dr SUV

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Cost to replace timing chain cover?

What is a good price to R&R timing chain cover on 07 Jeep JK?

Mechanic Q: Front brakes make rubbing noise?

When car is cold and I brake in the morning, front brakes make a rubbing sound. After braking a few times the sound stops. Then after I park the car for awhile, when I brake again, I get the rubbing sound when I apply the brakes then it stops after the car "warms up". Car has 19k miles so hard to believe the brakes are going bad already.

Mechanic Q: Front brake rubbing noise..then stops?

Front brakes on my 08 Altima make a rubbing noise in the morning when I stop, then after braking a few times it stops. When the car is "cold" again, the rubbing starts on the front end, then stops after braking a few times. Car only has 19,000 miles so I find it hard to believe time for a brake job.

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