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Mechanic Q: C0455 Steering angle sensor circuit?

I am a mechanic foreman. Unfortunately we do not have GM dealership in Uzbekistan. Here is our problem , DTC C0455 steering angle sensor on one of our Chevy Tahoe 2009. Before describing the diagnostics procedures we have performed, I would like to emphasize that we have everything in our shop for GM fleet repair and diagnostic. Tech 2 updated up to 2013, GM online SI, & GM TIS2web online subscription. Here is the list of procedures we performed, and I don’t know what should be done else to get rid of the problem! 1) Swapped the steering angle sensors between two vehicles, still C0455 and stabiltrack is off. 2) Checked the all harness for poor or bad connection between SAS and EBCM. Looks good, but still C0455 and stabiltrack is off. 3) Checked the circuit between SAS and EBCM for open or for short to ground. Looks good, but still C0455 and stabiltrack is off. 4) Swapped EBCM between two vehicles, EBCM reprogrammed the yaw rate sensor is calibrated according to procedure. Problem still exist! 5) Figured out, and decided to change the yaw rate sensor, (however there is no info. about it in SI) recalibrated it but received an error massage that the brake pedal is applied, and DTC the yaw rate sensor circuit, strange, don’t know what to do… Please help.