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1999 Dodge Avenger Base 2dr Coupe

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: what does trouble code p1297 mean? ?

my car started stalling when i come to a stop or at idle. i replaced m.a.p. sensor, I.a.c. sensor alternator, fuel filter, cleaned spark plugs and put new wire, i have new baterry too. i checked all conections and ground and hoses that i could find. I GET THIS TROUBLE CODE p1297 no000 change in map signal from start to run transition, i replaced map sensor and cleared code check engine comes back onCAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS CODE thank you

Q: my car stalls at idle or stops p1297 code what does that mean??

my cars stall replaced m.a.p. and i.a.c sensor alternator spark plug wires, fuel fuilter, valve cover gaskets and cleaned spark plugs. i have new batery too. check engine light comes on TROUBLE CODE P1297 comes up when i run oboII test (no change in map signal from start to run transitions) replaced map sensor cleared code and problem and check engine light still comes back. I NEED MORE INFO ON THIS CODEP1297