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moroszi's Garage

2001 Volkswagen Golf GLS 4dr HB Turbo Manual


2009-06-16 05:03:13
2005 Mini Cooper S.    . . . . .   
Great car....Mini service is great. Maintenance is covered during the warranty period. Huge bonus!! The run flat
tires are horrible.

Great vehicle. We have been impressed with the performance, reliability, highway fuel economy and aesthetics of the
vehicle. We have had to replace an axle boot and passenger side window regulator

2009-06-16 05:03:13
1991 Ford Festiva GL    . . . . .   
Great little car, many have upwards of over 200k miles on them and still run strong. The turning radius is amazing.
Badged as the Kia Pride in other countries.

2009-06-16 05:03:13
The legend of the Thunderbird Turbo Coupe   . . . . .   
Owning many vehicles over the years, the Turbo Coupe continues to impress me every time I place my foot down on the
accelerator. Wondering how 2.3 liters can move this car the way it does. Handling is great due to the front and rear
sway bars, fuel economy is fantastic at 32 mpg setting the cruise at 72. The seats are more comfortable than any
vehicle on the road today. I commute in this car over 100 miles a day. It is definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing.
My particular car is loaded with dual power seats, automatic headlights, power lumbar bolsters, keyless entry, automatic
climate control and an onboard data computer.

Questions & Answers

A: Accelerator pedal vibration at higher rpm?

Thank you. I will double check the motor mounts and lubricate the linkage.

Mechanic Q: Accelerator pedal vibration at higher rpm?

Accelerator pedal vibration at higher rpm