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2009 Lexus IS 250 Base 4dr Sport Sedan Auto RWD

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: why is A/C fan not turning on??

I have checked with a tester electricity on car and everything seems to be getting electricity. Compressor seems to be working, freon levels are good, relays and fuses are working; however a/c fan does not kick on. I have air come out of the vents but it is not consistent and sometimes doesn't cool completely.

Mechanic Q: wheel bearing?

I have changed wheel bearing and axle 3 times and I'm about to change the motor mount as well but the axle keeps coming out and breaking. I've bought new ones, refurbished ones and I still have the same issue. I can't even move the car without it sliding out I have tried also the abs model and without as well as long and short and still have the same issue. Please helP!