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1988 Toyota Celica GT Coupe Base

Questions & Answers

Q: 88 TOYOTA CELICA GT ..also is running LEAN GAS``?

I forgot to add this other issue to my previous post regarding EXCESSIVE GAS USE...

Q: 88 Toyota Celica Gt Excessive gas use....& Rough Idle?

88 Toyota Celica Gt 3S-FE I been having EXCESSIVE GAS CONSUMPTION.. and I have done the tune-up., fuel filter, f.reg., air filter, ..Full tank gets me only 150-160 miles on a full tank. I do need timing done. I also have ROUGH IDLE and slow exceleration from stop to go. I have discoveredmy air intake hose hase a small tear and also has a melted area near the edge of throttle body. (It melted probably last yr when i had over -heating issues I assume.) HELP. I have replaced the 02 SENSOR as well. I am told my COOLANT SENSOR is bad too. DOES any of this cause that extreme gass usage??