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nellen's Garage

Questions & Answers

A: Stiff shift, vibrating clutch, vibrating car?

Thank you for your good advice. I did takecar to dealership and they said the flywheel is probably bad.

Mechanic Q: Stiff shift, vibrating clutch, vibrating car?

Just came from garage: transmission differential bearings overhaul, new clutch: $1237. Clutch is stiff, vibrates all the time engine is on. 4 speed stick shift is stiff, smooth before overhaul. Car vibrates when stopped in neutral. I have to return to garage - please help a little old lady with 18 year old car. Thank you.

A: Stiff shift, vibrating clutch, vibrating car?

Can you tell me what kind of problem? I returned the car to garage, they kept it for a few hours, told me they tightened clutch, but everything is exactly the same. It still vibrates, How do I get them to repair it if they won't admit anything's wrong with it? What did they do wrong that made it come out this way? Do I have to go to another shop and pay another $1000 to PROVE that it isn't right?

Mechanic Q: tire noise/wheel bearings/asle?

Had $700 repair to right front wheel bearing and axle. Tire still makes whomp/whomp noise while driving. Reason for noise?