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1984 Honda CRX Si Coupe Base

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: the battery doesn't seem to be recharging?

I have put a new battery in my car because the previous owner put a really small one in and it didn't have enough cranking amps. The new battery was charged on a slow charge for over 24 hours and accepted the charge. However, after driving the car for a week I noticed that there was less charge available for starting the car until it finally went dead. What now???

Mechanic Q: the engine won't idle...?

Have about 75000 miles on a new engine. Carburation was replaced with rebuilt twice. It has never worked well. It has gotten so it won't idle at all. When I depress the clutch to shift the car dies. Ideas??

Mechanic Q: is it recommended to service the automatic transmission?

A mechanic told me that the transmission fluid was just beginning to discolor and recommended a full transmission service. Should I do this? Will it prolong the life of the transmission?

A: is it advisable to do a cooling system flush on a vehicle so old?

I really appreciate your advice...thank you!!

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