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odh3's Garage

1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4dr


2009-06-10 06:49:25
I love my 181K Jeep Cherokee Classic!   . . . . .   
I bought my 99 Jeep Cherokee Classic in December of 1998. I still drive it daily, and I'm amazed at how tight and
reliable this truck is at 181,000 miles. I've had a number of vehicles with high mileage, but never one that required so
few repairs. The key things to check if you're buying an old one: trans fluid, transfer case and differential fluid
(some drivers never change these), AC (wears out on most), rust where the roof meets the A-pillar (on quite a few '99s),
and u-joints for the 4WD models. I've replaced the fuel pump, one oxygen sensor, two U-joints and the front wheel
bearings. Other than that, just typical wear parts. The shocks are still original though;-). This is the most durable
vehicle I've ever owned, and it drives through anything with the right tires. Gets around 17.5mpg city.