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1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Coupe Base

Questions & Answers

A: Engine won't start.?

Hi, I was really confused about the starter problem for a long time. Well it had some loose wires that connected the starter to the battery, so my dad and I rewired the wires. Then I had the two wires on the starter backwards. After I did all that it started right up! We did test the volts on the wires coming out of the engine they both showed good voltage, so my dad talked to a mechanic that knows alot about vintage muscle cars, and the mechanic told him that the wires are probably on wrong, or it could just be a bad starter. The engine starts right up now. Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Dustin P.

Mechanic Q: Engine won't start.?

I replaced the starter three times...I have replaced the alternator, and the exterenal generator. There is some wires i believe that are not connecting to the starter that go to the alternator. Also my mechanic said that it had loose wires going to the ignition. but i tried fix the problem by putting a new connector on one of the wires going to the starter. I think I connected the wires to the correct places on the starter. Before I had this problem the car would start up good on the first start, then after i drove the car, and turn off the engine,and tried to start it, it would slowly start or not start at all. The wires are taped together with electric tape.

Mechanic Q: Help on changing headlights.?

My mechanic can't get to the bottom retainer clip, because he can't find any the bolt holding the light into the socket. The headlight is stuck, and my mechanic doesn't want to break anything when prying the headlight out. The headlight is the driver's side. Once he can get the headlight loose he can handle the rest. Thank's

A: Help on changing headlights.?

OK, well I will think about changing my mechanic. It's the first time I went to this guy.

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