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oswald1792's Garage

2004 Volvo S80 Base 4dr Sedan 2.9L Twin Turbo

Questions & Answers

A: Error Codes?

Not having any problems with the motors. I cleared it and they returned same day.

Mechanic Q: Error Codes?

I purchased a DICE off ebay and today decided to read my car. I had this "DDM-002B MIRROR MOTOR MC SIGNAL TOO LOW, DTC IS FOUND NOT ACTIVE" . What could this possibly mean?

Mechanic Q: 2004 S80 T6 TV?

Well, my 2000 S80 was wrecked and I just got a 2004 S80 T6 with the backrest screens and dvd. Just a week ago for whatever reason the TV won't show on the HU601 system. I can select FM,AM,Tape and CD but not the TV. It totally disappeared off the screen. The CD wasn't showing up either so I decided to take it to a local audio shop to check it out. Before I finished telling him the problem, the CD just started to work again and been working since. The guy said it could be a wire that tripped and joked ( hey, it's a Volvo). Ok, before I went to the local audio shop, I went to the dealership and was told to buy a new system. Has anyone experienced this problem before or what could be causing this? Another issue I had was with the Navigation DVD. The CD kept coming out from the loader whenever it put it in. I always had to stop, open the trunk and load the DVD again. That also stopped happening after a while without me doing anything to it. Anyone with experience with this car please share with me.