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Questions & Answers

A: Q5 Oil Filter Housing Cracked?

That's the problem. There is no dipstick on these engines. It is on the alpha display only (message). The dealer is 35 miles away and they SUCK. So do I go deal with that or just keep driving it?

Mechanic Q: Q5 Oil Filter Housing Cracked?

Had my 1st service (5000 miles) done at Momentum Audi in Houston yesterday. Half way home, the low oil notice flashed saying I was a quart low. I called the dealer from the road and he immediatly said they must have cracked the oil filter housing. Brand new vehicle! Isn't there a recall or metal replacement for the plastic part?

A: Q5 Oil Filter Housing Cracked?

Thanks for the prompt response. I now have a follow-up question. When I got the car back from the dealer last night and looked at the oil level it says "drain off excess oil". If I don't go back to the dealer will I blow out seals or something?