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2000 Volkswagen Passat GLS 4dr Sedan Manual

Questions & Answers

Q: Should I sell this thing?

I have a year 2000 VW Passat GLX V6 with 134K. It has been a lemon ever since I bought it in Dec. 1999 but I have "kept at it" and have done some simple repair and maintenance items on it (bulb replacement, wipers, battery, turn signal assembly, EVAP sensor replacement, etc.) I recently tallied up my repair costs since the car went out of warranty at 24K. In all I have spent close to $9000 on the car - fixing early-wear parts or spending way more than most shops would charge for big maintenance items (realize this now). The car for all its faults runs well but I am afraid of the next big "problem" to come along and I am looking for a job too. My wife always holds up her "perfect" Toyota Tacoma as a shining example of what a car should be and how little issues she has had...yay for her :( What should I do...according to this site I could only get $3500 for it?

Q: How much to replace undercarriage scrape guard and wheel well liners??

Anyone ever had to replace the above parts on a '00 Passat? My scrape guard came off or was ripped off by an incompetent Jiffy Lube tech trying to get at the oil filter sometime back and apparently this part holds the wheel well liners and other parts in place. The liners themselves also have plastic fasteners that have come off and the liners now are barely hanging on (I can see tire scrape damage to the liners standing to the side of the car). Thanks.