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2011 Honda Civic Sedan DX 4dr Man

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Rear wiper not working?

Will not work, I hear a noise and notice the wiper move a little but will not rise. Is it the motor or a fuse???

A: Keyless remotes not working?

Thank you for the answer, I will try

Mechanic Q: Keyless remotes not working?

Both of my keyless remotes have died. I there a way to replace battery in them or do I have to buy new ones. Are there any places where I can buy OEM remotes for cheap as I know dealer will charge me arm and leg. Thanks

Mechanic Q: Fuel composition sensor?

My dealer informed me that fuel composition sensor on my truck has a cracked and needs to be replaced. Is it an essenial part and if not replaced will the truck stop working, also how much does it costs to replace and can I have it done by outside mechanics??