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pamela_e95or's Garage

2012 Honda CR-V EX 4WD 5dr


2012-03-24 10:21:37
Love this car   . . . . .   
I had a 2003 CRV and didn't want it give it up until I drove the 2012. The 2012 CRV is just wonderful. The ride is
smooth, comfortable, and I just love the bluetooth, and backup camera. The only problem I found is there is no place to
store anything. When the back seats are down, you cannot have anything on the floors in the back seat. I am missing
the compartment under the passenger seat, the space under the picnic table, small compartments on the dash, etc. I
guess I don't need all of the junk I had stored in my 2003, but when I have the dogs in the back, where do I put my
grocery bags?