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1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 2dr Coupe

Questions & Answers

Q: Car is hesitant to accelerate?

Maybe I can get some other opinions about this issue.. When I try to accelerate a bit more after reaching a hwy speed, my engine seems to be "skipping" or "hesitant" to accelerate more. It eventually does it if i let off the accelerator a bit and try again. It does not do it when I am at a stop and accelerate the car. Only after I am already driving and trying to speed up a little bit. Someone said it might be a misfire with the spark plugs, but they were replaced 20K ago. The fuel pump, filter, and screen was replaced 6 months ago. The mechanic said the filter was really dirty, but I just had him replace the whole pump system. (the pump worked, the clogged filter just caused the breakdown) But it seems like it is happening all over again. Transmission shifts perfectly and everything else works great. It idols very smoothly and accelerates fine from a stopping point up to speed. I only have 105K on the car and it has been very well taken care of (one owner). What do you suggest I do next? If I should try getting the fuel system cleaned out (i don't know if they did it when the pump was replaced) what is the best procedure for them to do? Or would a simple bottle of fuel cleaner and premium gas clear it up?

A: Car is hesitating to accelerate?

Thank you for your reply. It is a 3.1 L The wires and plugs were changed at the same time. After my post I tried putting in a bottle of fuel cleaner and filled the tank with Shell Premium gas. It seems like it is not having the symptoms as much, but it is still doing what i described, just not as often and not as intense. Ok, i'll try that coil tower replacement as see what happens. Thank you

Mechanic Q: Car is hesitating to accelerate?

Feels Like>> Vehicle is sluggish when i try to accelerate while driving around 40-60 MPH. It only does this when i try to increase my speed a bit. Transmission shifts perfectly, feels like a misfire but spark plugs were replaced 20K ago. New fuel pump, screen, and filter was placed 6 months ago. They said filter was really dirty then. Can you help me diagnose this problem?