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paulm5989's Garage

2010 Porsche Panamera S 4dr HB 4S


2010-11-08 16:34:09
One awesome car   . . . . .   
This car is the fifth Porsche I've owned and by far the most capable and interesting. It's Jekyll and Hyde personality
is fun to explore and gives lie to the adage that you can't have everything. At the 5000+ mile mark, the gas mileage is
exceptional for a 2 ton car with 26mpg for a mix of suburban and highway driving. And this while averaging 70+ mph on
the open road. The ride is quite comfortable in the standard mode and nicely firm in the sport plus mode.
Interestingly, Porsche offers a muffler option that is louder but I don't find the standard system lacking in authority.
The handling is impeccable and certainly up to the criteria I've learned from earlier cars. My wife feels that Porsche
has finally grown up out of the bad-boy stage with this car.

Questions & Answers

A: Oil change?

I monitor my oil quality by analysis when the oil is changed, I found that the TBN numbers, additives and viscosity are still very acceptable at 6,000 miles. I've done this for my boats as well as cars. Since oil analysis is an acceptable test for fleet marine operators who have a financial dog in the fight, it's good enough for me.

Mechanic Q: Oil change?

The owner's manual states oil changes at 10,000 miles, does this really make sense since I'm paying for the changes?

A: Oil change?

My Panamera 4S gave me a dashboard warning to change the oil at 6,000 miles. The manual states 10,000 miles, how did the car decide that an oil change was due? Does it monitor mileage, starts or oil contaminants?