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2004 Honda Accord Coupe EX Manual

Questions & Answers

Q: 2004 Accord Coupe...o2sensor and Cat?

My yellow engine light lit up and i went to my local Honda dealer and he checked the situation and came out to me and said that i was in luck,that it was a inexpensive repair,ineeded a new 02 sensor and it was only $280.i replied that it moght be inexpensive to you,but was not to me.I told him to go ahead and fix it... About 45 minutes later he came back out and told me"now ,you have problems.We were unable to unscrew the 02 sensor from the Cat because of it being fused into cat and now you have to replace the catalytic converter also and the repair will now cost $1460 . He said that they would have to order the Cat and the car is not drivable now, if i wanted to rent a car that i could go to their lot next door and rent one. I thought that was real cold,thinking that they should have offered me a ride home instead.I felt i had no choice but to have the repair done. I asked if they could do anything on the repair cost and after speaking to the service manager,they brought it down to $1242.95. On Saturday after picking up the car and cominghome, i read a note at the bottom of the bill that was added by the service tech stating that he had to replace the Cat after not being able to thread the new 02 sensor into the cat that someone cross threaded. I was furious and went back to the dealer and stated that no one has ever touched my car except a Honda dealer. so if this was true":who was this someone"My exhaust system had never been worked on.I bought my auto new,and keep all my service records. I asked the dealer whats going on,first they said it was fused into the cat,Now it was crossthreaded.Which was it?. I had called the Honda consumer line before going back to the dealer and they said that they would not do anything,unless i spoke to the dealer first. I did not go to the dealer before calling,only because i felt that they would not want to eat a $1460 repair and woould just try to cover each others butt. I was told by friends that the dealer should have used penetrating oil or heated up the connection with a torch and if that did not work ,they could have put a sleeve into the old threaded socket.The dealer said he never heard of this sleeve and then called a parts depot and asked if there was such a thing.They told him that there was. He told me that the sleeve did not work all the time,but if i wanted that he would order one for me and remove the new Cat and install the sleeve and put my old Cat back in. I told him that at this point that i felt doing this could just open up a new can of worms and create new problems,I also told him that i am sure if i did allow him to try this now,that they would hope that this fix would fail and then have to install a new one again. So he asked me,i have given you that option,what do you want me to do?i asked for compensation back. They got back to me and offered to further discount my repair by $242.95 which brought my repair down to $1000. I accepted this., but was not real happy over the whole situation. MY question is.....Do you feel that this was a fair deal?..or was i taken on this,as i felt i was.