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perry_4hej's Garage

2003 Chevrolet Impala Base 4dr Sedan


2011-06-23 17:19:10
Chevy impala Owners smh   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
I have a 2003 chevy with just over 145,000 miles . I just believe the car wasnt all the way thought out!!.. I ve had to
replace fuel pump twice a 1,200- 1,500 job!! VERY expensive, the car stil rides smooth . Only other problem i have is
the heat gadge it does its on thing sometimes. i usually have to keep air or heat on to keep it stable!! No one seems to
know issue. Also if i shift gears lik maybe from reverse to drive to fast the car jerks really HARD, kind of scary to be
honest i almost thought the tranmission went out but chevy just said to change gears slow i mean wow how slow am i
suppose to shift . .. this also happens in the newer present models i dont like that at all !!