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2000 Cadillac Eldorado ESC 2dr Coupe

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: buying a used car?

Hi Guys , if you're buying a used car and you know someone who bought the same type of car and the car was found to use 1 gallon of antifreeze every 1000 miles because it had a head gasket leak. a head gasket leak is not something readily knowable to a buyer in that the problem doesn't show up for some time. If the car is used and does not come with a warranty is there any way to protect yourself from buying a car with a head gasket leak ? Is there some way to know ? Thanks for your time.

A: where's the coolant going??

I've heard conflicting reports on coolant system stop leak products. I've heard that GM puts Barrs stop leak into new motors at the factory. I've heard that no mechanics recommend adding stop leak products. I've heard some of these products work well and I've heard that none of them work at all and may just clog your heater core and cause more problems while not stopping the original leak. Some products advertise guaranteed engine block and head gasket fix. What is your experience and thoughts on stop leak products ?

Mechanic Q: where's the coolant going??

my car has 100,000 miles. It's using a 1/2 gallon of coolant every 500 miles. there are no visable leaks or dripping under the car. no smoking from exaust. the car runs well. where is the coolant going ? I suspect it's being burned off. What can i do about this ?

Mechanic Q: oil consumption?

The driver info center gives a readout of percentage of oil life left. I am assuming that this percentage of oil life does not take into consideration adding oil every so often. So adding a couple of quarts now and then would add to oil life. Am I correct in assuming that the percentage of oil life left would actually be higher than what the readout tells me ? Also , as a habit , would it be detrimental to the engine to wait till the low oil indicator light comes on before adding oil ?

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