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rayp8422's Garage

1961 GMC Pickup Reg Cab Base

Questions & Answers

A: I need a fuel pump?

I think I will go with a electric pump, Thanks for your help

Mechanic Q: I need a fuel pump?

I have a 1961 GMC PU 1/2 ton I have been told it has a 305 V6 ARMY engine, spark plugs are on top of the heads.needs a fuel pump and I dont know what if it is a special one. can you please HELP

Mechanic Q: My car will not turn over or start?

Icleaned all the connections on the battery ,key switch,starter solenoid, and starter relay, and charged up the battery and it still wont turn over.could you please advise me how to check each component to tell me if it or they are BAD. Thanks for any help you can give me, It is a 1969 straight 6 cyl. chevy engine in my boat.