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regger270's Garage

2013 Subaru Impreza Wagon 2.0i Sport Premium 5dr Man


2010-10-07 01:40:31
02' Durango   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
Passed down to me by my parents. Has a history of lots and lots of use. Offroading, long road trips, and has stood up to
ridiculous Las Vegas weather well. This car has had its share of problems, but its a really tough car. Accelerates like
a monster. Its at about 124,000 miles right now with no major problems (don't jinx me). I love this car and hope it
lasts me another 50k. Once more, I love the acceleration.

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Squealing while turning left.?

While the car is in motion, and while turning left, I hear a squealing coming from somewhere in the front end. I think removed the possibility of it being the psp, because I have checked its levels (full) and while stopped, I tried turning left, and the noise didn't sound. Any help?

Mechanic Q: ABS lights, Parking Brake light, and fluctuating speedometer?

In January, my ABS light and Parking Brake started coming on whenever I would turn my car off after not driving it for a while (an hour or more). Also, the speedometer would stick at zero when driving until I got to a certain speed (around 30 mph) and then shoot up to the correct speed and be fine. But say I were to turn the car off after driving, and then turn it on again right after, the lights would not illuminate and the speedometer would work fine (Note: the only time the speedometer doesn't work correctly is when the lights are illuminated) Sometimes, however, the lights will come on during my driving and the speedometer will shoot down to 10 mph for a while, ultimately resuming normal speed sensing. I took this to PepBoys (mistake) and they said it was the speed sensor. They "fixed" it three times, but the problem kept happening. (Tires are all same size). They also "rebooted" the computer cluster, believing that was the problem. For about two days after this rebooting, the car was fine, but only to resume the same problem that I still have today. What is going wrong? Thank you.