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2008 Nissan Rogue S FWD 4dr

Questions & Answers

A: 2008 rouge engine failure 86,511 mi?

the dealership did all the maintenance on the car since day 1. if feel they are responsible for not mainting the coolant level in the car. take the rad cap of and checking the fluid level and marking it ok without check the temp of the antifreeze is negligence on their part

Mechanic Q: 2008 rouge engine failure 86,511 mi?

at 66k the transmission went after I spent the $200 for the transmission inspection on the cvt trans,. and at 86,511 with no indication of any kind or warning the a/c stopped throwing cool air car started jerking and bucking service eng. soon light came on and the rest of the warning lights came on and the car stopped. called the dealer and was told to drive it in but I had to have I tood in. dealer advised me the block was cracked. neither the dealer or Nissan will do anything to help me out as I still owe on it. filed a claim with Nissan north region but no satisfaction.