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1997 Chevrolet Lumina Base 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Q: Timing Belt?

What is the best way to diagnose a broken timing belt on these model vehicles? Currently I'm not having this problem but would like to know for future reference. I already know from experience that if a timing belt is broke that a vehicle will not start? Thanks so much for your valuable professional automotive information. I really appreciate it.

Mechanic Q: relay location?

i have a 97 lumina with a dual climate control. where is the relay located that controls the rear defrost? on single climate controls the relay is built into the climate control itself.

A: relay location?

Hi There Rwilliams88. I will look the rear defrost relay in that location. I will have to google "passenger kick panel" never heard of that entity. Thanks so much for the info, I really appreciate it.

A: Gas Guage & Rear Defrost?

Hi There. Thanks for all your help, indeed, it's very significant. Tell me something? I have a dual climate control. From what I understand a vehicle that has a single climate control the relay is built in to the control? As for the dual climate control the relay is a separate component, right? If this is true then exactly where is the relay located? I checked both sides of my rear defrost and there is not juice in the wires. I'm thinking that it has to be the relay? I googled up the relay and it's really not that expensive. I just don't know where it's located? I'm very suprised to be having problems with the rear defrost when my vehicle only has 80k on it

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