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richard6116's Garage

2005 Suzuki XL-7 LX 4dr Manual 2WD

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Stand still?

I'm having an issue with my 03 altima on Friday I get into the car put in gear and the car move very slow and then car has no power to move, abs, traction control, battery and other lights started to flash when i step on the gas pedal night before ran the car all day, no signs of any problem. Had the car towed when I got home the car was able to move while in gear, no flashing lights. But later that day the didn't turn on. Had to up start the car. Just breaking my head wondering what will cause this????

Mechanic Q: My moves one the next day it doesn't move ?

Drove my car lastnight it was fine no sign of a problem, the next morning I up into the car, put the car in gear. Car move slow them the gas stops working. Push the pedal to the floor and nothing, abs light traction control light start to flash, the next day the car is able to move drive it for a couple of hrs, but later in the day went back to the car, and now my battery is dead, I can figure out what is going on, need help

Mechanic Q: What would cause the cluster panel to go back?

My cluster panel work one day then goes out the next day. What would cause this to happen and how could I get it fixed, I only have about 69,000 on my 03 ford focus SE

Mechanic Q: Engine locks up at 69,000 on ford focus?

What would cause my 03 ford focus to lock the engine, being I was driving all day along,I go into the store come back turn on the car and then all of the sudden it starts to shake hard then cut off, I restart it and all of the sudden I hear a loud metal to metal sound as if a pistion or a valve broke inside the engine. The car has enough oil In it. Oil change is only a month old.

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