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richardn3451's Garage

1987 Mercedes-Benz SL Class 560SL Roadster Base


2011-03-31 13:05:35
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I purchased my 2009 Outback 2.5 Ltd in March of 2010. It was a rental vehicle with approx. 22k miles on the odometer.
The car was extremely clean and well cared for. It was "new car" quality at a very reasonable "used car" price. I am
VERY pleased with my Outback. I have owned it one year and 2 weeks. The only maintenance has been routine; scheduled oil
changes and the 30k service. I have had two minor unscheduled services; adjustment of the parking brake (no charge),
replacement of a retaining clip on the center console, and same for a clip on the lower dash. After owning 3 BMWs since
1991, I am amazed at the quality built into the Outback! I have spent thousands of dollars to keep the BMWs running, and
never trusted them to run very long without throwing more money at them....Granted, I did use them 3-4 times a year at
high performance driving schools where I instructed, but there were many problems with the BMWs unrelated to the high
performance driving. My Outback was built at the plant in Lafayette, IN. I have toured the plant (twice). I can assure
you that the bulid quality is excellent. The Outback is a very practical and attractive vehicle that fills the niche
between conventional station wagons and SUVs. It is extremely comfortable to drive, and can go just about anywhere a SUV
can without the bulk and expense of a SUV. I average 20-22mpg in the city, and 26-30mpg on the highway despite my brisk
driving style. Yes, it could have more "get up and go" in acceleration, but it is more than adequate for 99% of the
drivers on the road. I have been so pleased with my Outback that I have helped with the purchase of a Legacy for son # 1
and an Impreza WRX for son #2. I wish that Subaru had kept the Outback size and weight where it was for 2009, but they
did not and made it slightly larger in 2010. One last note; I purchased and installed aftermarket snow tires/wheels and
my Outback is unstoppable in the winter.