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2008 Nissan Rogue S AWD 4dr

Questions & Answers

A: My car loses power under load?

I have kept up with the maintenance that is recommended by Nissan. I have no warning lights and the dealership said they are getting no information from the computer. The Rogue has the CVT transmission. I had the accelerator pushed to keep the car climbing. I was at 4500 RPM and about 65 MPH when I could feel the power drop off. With the CVT you can't feel the transmission shifting so not sure if it shifted down but, even pushing the accelerator to the floor, I could not get it to shift or increase in speed or RPMs. Any suggestions I can pass along or confirm the dealer has checked would be helpful.

Mechanic Q: My car loses power under load?

Driving in the Rocky Mountains on an 8% grade when suddenly lost acceleration, started losing speed and RPM's stayed below 3K. Car continued to run. Pull over, turned it off, restarted then ran ok for another couple miles then lost power. Dealer is having trouble finding anything wrong and cannot replicate the problem. Would like suggestions to see if they have checked everyting.