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rickt's Garage

1991 Acura Integra LS 3dr Hatchback Auto

Questions & Answers

A: Engine not getting fuel?

Thanks Elizabeth I was on the highway doing 70 when it broke. The mechanic here told me the same thing. Said the belt doesn't look old and can't tell why it would break so suddenly. I don't have the garage space or the skill to replace the valves myself. Thank you for the advice. It's what I sort of expected. Your help is always appreciated. Thanks again. RickT

Mechanic Q: Engine not getting fuel?

Fuel pump doesn't start. I have the manual but don't have the fusable conectors to test the relay. There is power to the relay but don't know if the relay is bad or if it is the fuel pump, or something else. Tested for pressure in the tank and there was none. Pump doesn't pressurize the tank. Will I need to take the car in or is there someone who can test a relay?

A: Engine not getting fuel?

Advice needed! Turns out the distributor was not the problem. The timing belt broke. The mechanic says that there is a 95% chance of a bent valve and wants to knoe if I want to spend almost $500 on attempting to go for the 5% chance it will start up. Says there is no way for him to know otherwise. After the damage to my last vehical when the belt just had a bad spot ant it slipped, I am not sure if I should just cut my losses. ANY! advice would be very much appreciated.Thanks Have a great Thanksgiving.

A: Engine not getting fuel?

Hi Elizabeth Turns out it was the ignitor in the distributor. Still the original main body with a new cap to cover the wear. So had to replace the whole thing! Thanks for your help

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