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1991 Acura Integra LS 3dr Hatchback Auto

Questions & Answers

A: Engine not getting fuel?

Hi I replaced the relay after testing as the manual suggested. The tank seemed to pressurize but the car still won't start. It smells like gas comming from the tailpipe. I checked the distributer and it looks fine. Letting it sit for a few incase I flooded the engine. I'm really hoping that I don't have to replace the fuel pump! Is there anything else I should check now?

A:  Engine stalled and won't start?

Thanks Tyler It's something broken or bent in the bottom of the engine. Beyond my abilities to fix so had to put it up for sale. Thanks for all your help Rick

Mechanic Q:  Engine stalled and won't start?

Hi Engine stalled this morning after making a strange knocking noise in neutral which turned into a clatter and then the engine died. and won't turn over. Noise seemed to be coming from the top of the engine though it' was hard to tell for sure. The starter engages but the engine won't turn. Thank you

Mechanic Q: Replaced timing bet but none of the sprockets would move?

Does this mean there has already been contact of the valves and pistons and the engine is gone?

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