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rickt's Garage

1991 Acura Integra LS 3dr Hatchback Auto

Questions & Answers

A:  Engine stalled and won't start?

Timing belt is still there. Almost afraid to ask, what would make the flapping noise and then make the engine seize?

Q: Need help with stereo wiring?

Using the Haynes repair manual and the wiring colors in the book have little reference to what is under the dash. Do I just need to do a trial and error? Afraid to short something?

Mechanic Q: what size alternator do I need?

It's a 1.8L man trans. The repair manual says there are 3 sizes depending on the car but not doesn't say which with which!

Mechanic Q: New battery and it's not recharging?

Hi Me again. Seems the battery is not recharging. I checked all the wires that the manual said. They all seem good. Wondered if it might be the pos battery cable or if it is the alternator. After running for a while, it started hesitating and the antilock light came back on. Got a jump start that just got me home. Engine wasn't getting power and sounded like the plugs weren't getting a spark. Appreciate any help you can offer 0/0 users found this helpful.