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ridetolive72's Garage

1994 Dodge Intrepid Base 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Q: 1994 dodge intrepid bcm?

when a bcm goes bad does everything it controls go at the same time ,or can it still function for some things and not others?

Mechanic Q: reply to Elizabeth Kriesten?

Those systems do go through the BCM (body control module). Are you having any problems with your heater as well? Here's link, you can compare your issues to: You can find a wiring diagram in the online repair manuals at the website. Check your relays, the connections at the BCM, and the ground connections. But if all your problems are controlled through the BCM, and nothing the BCM controls works... likely you've found your problem. yeah,the heater does work ,as far as the blower,but no hot air,I was wondering,I have heard that the ignition switch could be to blame ,I do have to bump the key a few times to get the starter to turn the engine,could this be to blame for having no gauges,wipers speedometer or tach?